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LED Overhead lighting

Save money!

These low powered, high efficiency lights will help you save money on your electric bills. A 20 watt LED tube creates the same amount of light as a 32 watt fluorescent!

Leave your ballast in, no rewiring!

You can always go to an electrician and have your lights rewired or replaced for cost efficient lighting -- But we have easy swap in/out lights that can replace your T8 fluorescent tube lights, without replacing trays, wiring, or the ballast!   You can even run LED tubes side by side with florescent lights in the same fixture.  Some companies choose to swap them in slowly as fluorescent lights burn out.  They are available in the Warm White, Neutral White, and Daylight colors.

What’s different about LED tube lights

 They are a lot more durable (no glass) and they also won’t release mercury into the environment if you accidently break one. All the electronics required to make the LED’s tube lights worked are built into the light!  So installation is as simple as changing a lightbulb.