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About Our Guaranteed Service

Single Point of Contact

Do you ever wonder who you should call first when you are having trouble with a phone or network connection?  (Local Telephone Company, Long Distance Carrier, ISP, Computer Vendor, Network Technician)  Relax, you only need to make one call to I.T.I.  We will interface with all other phone companies, long distance carriers, circuit providers, and equipment vendors.  If it's our equipment we'll fix it, if not we'll coordinate repairs with the responsible company. At no charge!

Resources With over $600,000 in service parts, be assured that a ready spare is always available in case of trouble. If equipment has to be removed from your site to be repaired, then I.T.I. will replace the equipment immediately, so that you have minimal down time!
Friendly Technicians I.T.I. currently fields seventeen factory trained technicians and service vehicles. As of April 1, 2005 the average tenure of our technical staff is 20.1 years, see more.
Guarantee Our maintenance agreement offers 24 hour, 7 days a week service with a guarantee of 4 hours response time on emergencies. The agreement covers all parts, labor and travel at no additional charge.

EMERGENCY Service (4 hour response)

bullet.gif (919 bytes) A failure which affects 20% or more working stations
bullet.gif (919 bytes) A failure which affects 20% or more working trunks
bullet.gif (919 bytes) A failure which affects an attendant console, rendering it unusable
bullet.gif (919 bytes) A failure of a night answer circuit or components of same, which prevents night calls from ringing in.
bullet.gif (919 bytes) A failure of a hospital telephone in emergency or at a nurse's station
bullet.gif (919 bytes) The failure of any President, Vice President, C.E.O., C.F.O., or C.I.O., or the Comptroller, or the Service Manager's telephone
bullet.gif (919 bytes) Any ACD system component
bullet.gif (919 bytes) Police, sheriff or fire department telephones, stock broker telephones, ambulance service's systems, light and power company's emergency reporting telephones or any other telephone that is required in a life threatening situation
bullet.gif (919 bytes) If one of these types of emergency exists, it is the customer's responsibility to tell our service department of the emergency.

ROUTINE Service (24 hour response)

bullet.gif (919 bytes) Routine repair calls are service calls other than those defined above under emergency repair calls.